She's Still There - Chrystal Evans Hurst

She's Still There

By Chrystal Evans Hurst

  • Publication Date: 2017-08-08
  • Genre: Christianity
5 Score: 5 (From 14 Ratings)

Book Overview

What’s a woman to do if her life is not taking shape the way that she thought that it would? What happens when she looks at herself in the mirror, lingering just a little longer than usual and realizes that she no longer recognizes the person staring back at her? What does she do when she sees that, somehow, her life has drifted away from all her original hopes, dreams, or plans?

Speaker, blogger and writer Chrystal Evans Hurst wrote this book because she was that woman. One day she realized that she had somehow wandered away from the life that she had purposed to live a long time ago.

Chrystal since discovered that this moment of awareness happens to lots of women at different seasons of their lives. Poor decisions, a lack of intentionality or planning, or a long-term denial of deep hopes and dreams can leave a woman, old or young, reeling from the realization that she is lost, disappointed, or simply numb.

And she just needs encouragement.

This woman simply needs someone to hold her hand, to cheer her on, and to believe with her that she is capable of still being the person she intended to be or discovering the girl she never knew was there in the first place.

Chrystal uses her poignant story of an early and unexpected pregnancy, as well as other raw and vulnerable moments in her life, to let readers know she understands what it’s like to try and find your way after some missteps or decisions you didn’t plan on. In She’s Still There Chrystal emphasizes the importance of the personal process and the beauty of that path as it is shared authentically from one girlfriend to another. It’s a book of “me toos”, reminders of the hoped for, and challenges for the path ahead - to find direction, purpose, and true satisfaction.

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Users Reviews

  • Guide to living...

    By tbuzz2012
    She's Still There is a great roadmap to find your way back to your hopes and dreams. It allows you to dig beneath the hurts and disappointments of the past and discover the truth of who you still are. A great read for those who've become stuck or feel it's too late.
  • A Must Read!

    By Paradisetx
    As I started reading this book, I laughed, I cried, I sat and stared into the ceiling... I saw myself over and over and over again throughout the pages. When Chrystal says she's talking to you, she's telling the truth. The book speaks to the reality of who I am and as I near the empty nest season of life, I am assured that I can find the girl in me who has been so many things to so many people and rescue her so I don't get lost on my journey back. I've learned to be careful of what I say about myself. Remembering that my "drifts, decisions, and collisions don't define" me and so much more! So if you seem to have lost your way as you wind your way through different seasons of life, grab hold of this book, get ready for the ride of lifetime, and put on your cape to become your own superhero and rescue the girl in you! On a scale from 1-10, I rate this book as follows: • Readability - 10 • Challenge - 10 • Encouragement/Inspiration - 10 • Godly Wisdom - 10 I highly recommend this book for any woman looking for encouragement, self evaluation, and self improvement. There's also a study guide available!! Happy Reading! Thanks, Chrystal for allowing us a peek into your life for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for being a model for other women!
  • You are worth the work…because she’s still there

    By Doc Girl
    Chrystal Evans Hurst shows vulnerability, authenticity and love for women of all ages desiring to find the girl inside who had hopes and dreams yet has gotten lost in the midst of living life. Through her new book She's Still There, Chrystal takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the retelling of milestones and drifts in her life. As your read She's Still There you will laugh, you will cry (more than likely do an ugly cry or two), you will be inspired to dream again, and most importantly you will take steps towards working on goals that will transform your life. Brew or pour a cup of your favorite hot or cold drink, sit down in your favorite chair, and ensure you have tissue and a pen as you start reading this amazing book in order to find the girl inside---because she's worth the work and she's still there.
  • You Are A Gift...

    By NikkiW2U
    Be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to be forever changed! Being a homeschool mom and wife with all of the challenges it brings has often left me wondering "is this all there is?" It's so easy to let yourself get pushed to the wayside as you look after family and friends, but when you do, you miss out on giving the gift of you. You are a gift - and Chrystal reminds you of that quite often in her book. Emotions aren't dictators, circumstances don't define you - you can be all God created you to be with just a little (or in my case, a WHOLE LOT) of discipline. Chrystal has broken all the chapters into bite-sized pieces with reflection questions at the end of each chapter along with a summary sentence and supporting Scripture. This book is written as though you and Chrystal are sitting across the table from one another sharing your life stories. She encourages you and gives you practical steps to move you in the direction you need to go, because that girl inside you - the one who dreams big and has aspirations for her future - she's still there! (As an aside, I recommend lots of tissues 😉 )