Mission to the Moon - Mark Cheverton

Mission to the Moon

By Mark Cheverton

  • Publication Date: 2017-07-04
  • Genre: Fiction
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 8 Ratings)

Book Overview

This adventure series is created especially for readers who love the fight of good vs. evil, magical academies like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter saga, and games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Pokemon GO.

Entity303, the cruel villain who has poisoned vanilla Minecraft with dangerous and bizarre mods, was able to escape the sky-islands of Mystcraft, leaving the surface of Minecraft in a giant rocket. Gameknight999 knows Weaver must be sent back into the past so the timeline can be repaired and the eventual destruction of all the Minecraft worlds can be stopped. But to send him back, they must find the time-traveling portal that brought Weaver to the future. And only Entity303 knows the location.

They have no choice; Gameknight999 and his friends must follow behind, landing on a strange and barren lunar landscape, a world stranger and more alien (in more ways than one) than any other Minecraft mod. It’s here that they must battle outer space mobs, combat monster bosses, and find Entity303. But as they close in on the terrible user, Gameknight999 will discover Entity303’s real scheme, and the very thought of what the evil user plans will fill everyone with terror. Can the User-that-is-not-a-user catch Entity303 as he travels through the cold reaches of universe, before it’s too late?

Come along with Gameknight999 on his most thrilling adventure yet, to a biome unlike anything else in the Overworld: outer space!

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Users Reviews

  • This isn’t minecraft

    By ShadowDragon77
    All of these books are great, but this book isn’t really about minecraft anymore, it’s sci_fi. Also, a new series is coming called rise of warlords and it will be the first Mark Cheverton minecraft book to have romance in it. I read a sample and watcher and planter are in love. I personally dislike that.
  • •303•

    By deadlycobra
    O.M.G. I thought they would NEVER do this, make a book that included the all-famous Entity 303, a former Mojang employee. But what about Lick and Null?🤔 I would like to give a shout out to the ItsDylan YouTube channel and their amazing creepypasta documentaries. Keep up the good work Dylan!!!!!! A lot of people I know don't think Herobrine or Entity 303 exist, and most of them don't know about Lick and/or Null. But if you don't believe that they exist, the will haunt you. A warning! Never underestimate the creep in creepypasta! Stay safe fellow Minecrafters, AND DON'T PLAY SINGLEPLAYER AT 3:00 IN THE MORNING!!!! You don't want to know why. -Best regards, deadlycobra P.S. If you are willing to meet me on Minecraft Pocket Edition, I like to hang out on servers like NetherGames, Lifeboat Bounty Hunter, Lifeboat Survival Games, and Lifeboat Capture The Flag.