Respect - Aleatha Romig


By Aleatha Romig

  • Publication Date: 2018-01-23
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
5 Score: 5 (From 12 Ratings)

Book Overview

Respect - An Infidelity series Novel

The Godfather meets Love Story...

From New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a stand-alone novel spin-off from her beloved Infidelity series. With classic Aleatha Romig twists, turns, deceptions, and devotions, this new epic romantic thriller will delve into a world where family takes on new meaning, and even the inhabitants are suspicious of the next chapter.

"Standing at what I believe is the precipice of my life, I, Oren Demetri, was too young to understand that it wasn’t and too old to imagine that it couldn’t be.

The already hefty accumulation of my successes and failures, bravery and fears, and rewards and suffering, had brought me to this point. It was hard to contemplate the things I’d done, and yet, in reality I’d only begun to learn the possibilities.

I suppose that’s how it was for me at twenty-nine years of age on the brink of all I’d ever wanted without fully realizing the price I would pay. Yet in that moment, I knew there would be no cost too great or sacrifice I wouldn’t make. I had no idea how far-reaching that moment of self-discovery would be; because as the congregation’s murmurs quieted, bleeding into silence and allowing the thump of my heart to be the only sound I heard, I was a man filled with love and adoration, emotions in stark contrast to those I needed in the world I’d built or the one I was about to enter.

Angelina Costello was my dream and now my reality. I’d worked diligently to move beyond the actuality of being a dockworker’s son to becoming a self-made, successful entrepreneur, all in an effort to earn the right to call her my own. I’d overcome servitude to others, collecting their paychecks and lowly praises, to being the one who signed the paychecks and offered the accolades when they were rightfully earned.

The world was my oyster and walking toward me on the arm of her uncle was my pearl. I’d found her amongst the empty shells life had offered. There was no need to pry open another possibility. Angelina was all I wanted. Yet my path was uncharted. There was more for me to earn, lose, and willingly give.

The top of that list was respect."

This stand-alone novel takes place before the Infidelity series and may be read BEFORE, AFTER, or APART from the Infidelity series.

Remember, this is not a romance...but a love story!

Have you been Aleatha'd?

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Users Reviews

  • Briliant story

    By CoteTaja
    Every time I read Aleatha Romig book she amazes me more and more. Every time she has a new book it gets better and better, she outdo herself each time. She is so talented and it’s just mind blowing to me how she does it. How she comes up with all these amazing stories. She put so much detail in each book, each scene. All her characters are developed into detail, she ties everything up nicely and answers all the questions we have. Not everyone can do that, but Aleatha does it, every single time. Respect is more then I was imagining it would be. It is absolutely beautiful, gripping, sad but happy at the same time, story about ones life struggles, family and love. Oren Demetri is character from her Infidelity series (not about cheating). This book is his life story. It begins with him as a little boy and goes through adulthood. It is not necessary to read Infidelity series to enjoy Respect, HOWEVER I highly recommend you read it. I would read Respect first then continue with Infidelity. There is a lots of details about some events that we got a glimpse of in the Infidelity series and then a lot more. The book is in Oren’s POV so we can see what he was thinking and why he did things and made decisions the way he did. There were also few things that I did not know about (I probably missed that in the series) but it was good to see it here. It just made whole story that much better. Even that I knew what will happen in few major events in the book, Aleatha was successful to make me cry some ugly tears at 1:30am in the morning. The parts were so emotional. It makes me think about life, about decisions we made, about how far you are willing to go for your family, for loved ones, what is really most important in your life, how you showing it. I love every single word in this book. Brilliant work Aleatha! This is a must read, even if you decide not to read the rest of the books, do yourself a favor and read Respect.
  • Oh Oren

    By RobinDBLA
    Respect was so good! Oren and Angelina have a never ending love story. Joining the family in order to marry Angelina and the effects of this on their lives were both endearing and saddening. Respect is not your everyday love story.
  • Tears of Love

    By Amber to Ashes
    I absolutely loved RESPECT-"The Making of a Man." I loved, cried and hurt throughout this story. I wasn't sure if I could even write this review--without more tears. RESPECT is an emotional ride that is worth every tear I cried. Even hours after I closed this book- Oren hasn't been far from my thoughts. He has been permanently embedded in my heart and soul. I sat in awe and tried to process every piece of this story that took my heart.I wanted and needed more; my only solace was Oren would be back in the Infidelity series. Aleatha has made me love all her alphas. Tony Rawlings from Consequences stole my heart from the moment we met. My heart fluttered the day I was introduced to Nox Demetri from the Infidelity Series. Malcolm (One Night) and Duncan (Plus One) warmed me with love. And Jacob (The Light Series) showed me there was always more. I have a special place in my heart all of her characters. But nothing, nothing could have prepared me for how much love I would have for Oren Demetri from RESPECT. Oren ripped a piece of my heart and left a gaping hole before he refilled it with not only love but RESPECT. Oren believed in RESPECT, not only to receive but to give it. A man of his word--loyal to a fault. He is passionate, and his only desires are to love, protect and care for those who he cares. RESPECT is a must read!!! Aleatha has a talent of few. Her words touch you --every key stroked and words typed is a labor of love. Thank you for this journey--it will forever live in my heart.
  • Respect

    By nicole honesto
    This was an amazing book!!! If you want a book that will keep you on your toe’s or an emotional roller coaster this is the book to read. I love Oren’s story, and all the things he did for his family.