Fire and Fury - Michael Wolff

Fire and Fury

By Michael Wolff

  • Publication Date: 2018-01-05
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
4 Score: 4 (From 1,323 Ratings)

Book Overview

#1 New York Times Bestseller

With extraordinary access to the West Wing, Michael Wolff reveals what happened behind-the-scenes in the first nine months of the most controversial presidency of our time in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Since Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the country—and the world—has witnessed a stormy, outrageous, and absolutely mesmerizing presidential term that reflects the volatility and fierceness of the man elected Commander-in-Chief.

This riveting and explosive account of Trump’s administration provides a wealth of new details about the chaos in the Oval Office, including:
-- What President Trump’s staff really thinks of him
-- What inspired Trump to claim he was wire-tapped by President Obama
-- Why FBI director James Comey was really fired
-- Why chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner couldn’t be in the same room
-- Who is really directing the Trump administration’s strategy in the wake of Bannon’s firing
-- What the secret to communicating with Trump is
-- What the Trump administration has in common with the movie The Producers

Never before in history has a presidency so divided the American people. Brilliantly reported and astoundingly fresh, Fire and Fury shows us how and why Donald Trump has become the king of discord and disunion.

“Essential reading.”—Michael D’Antonio, author of Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success,

“Not since Harry Potter has a new book caught fire in this way…[Fire and Fury] is indeed a significant achievement, which deserves much of the attention it has received.”The Economist

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Users Reviews

  • A must read!

    By chombis1
    Partisans of the Trump family will surely demonize this book. Read it with a critical mind and decide for yourself. Thank the Lord we still have the freedom to read what we choose to read.
  • Trump

    By Cindi1967
    I WOULD NOT BUY THIS BOOK IF I HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!!! Dump TRUMP! He’s a liar and a racist cracker!! I think I speak for a lot of people in this whole wide world!!!
  • Proven to be a discredited author on a smear campaign

    By Doug Hartill
    The author tries to present fiction as fact in this democrat smear campaign. It is sure to make any liberal grab the popcorn and enjoy, but and sane person would agree it is a work of fiction and fake news.
  • Insider

    By Xay Day
    This book is writing on the wall about this administration. Sadly the book ended but if you’ve been following since day one then reading this will help you moving forward. The chapters we are now on: #3 in the DOJ steps down, Rob Porter, CoS Kelly on the firing clock. Madness continues............
  • Incredibly Insightful

    By RandallCullen
    Wonderfully written and clear to follow. The author takes you on a journey of what’s been going on in Trump’s White House.
  • Don’t read

    By Against socialism
    Full of unsubstantiated rumors. Some discredited by the people that are quoted. It’s not worth your time.
  • Chaos in America

    By Diane Offutt
    An interesting read. It makes for a great fictional story. However, knowing it is non-fictional turns it into more of a horror story. Hopefully the horror story ends in 2020 and back in popular demand we will see intellect, kindness, respect and accountability in the White House. Until then let us hope the political chaos can be minimized by the few level headed people left serving this President.
  • Boring

    By nmauzy
    “I’m bored!What else is on?”
  • Terrible

    By Rebel PM
    Writer does not have the experience needed to write this book. It was made with no effort and is only for advancing political agenda and attention
  • Not a good read

    By the_donald_maga
    Boring as can be