The Mormon Way of Doing Business - Jeff Benedict

The Mormon Way of Doing Business

By Jeff Benedict

  • Publication Date: 2007-01-03
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 25 Ratings)

Book Overview

The Founder of JetBlue. The former CEO of Dell Computers. The CEO of Deloitte & Touche. The former Dean of the Harvard Business School. They all have one thing in common. They are devout Mormons who spend their Sundays exclusively with their families, never work long hours, and always put their spouses and children first. How do they do it?

Critically acclaimed author and investigative journalist Jeff Benedict (a Mormon himself) examines these highly successful business execs and discovers how their beliefs have influenced them, and enabled them to achieve incredible success.With original interviews and unparalleled access, Benedict shares what truly drives these individuals, and the invaluable life lessons from which anyone can benefit.

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Users Reviews

  • Good profitable

    By carreon007
    Profitable principles. I have read this book multiple times & each time recognize how they share basic family values as the foundation to their success. I love this book.
  • Don't Do Business with Mormons

    By CO_Kid
    Here's how I've personally seen the Mormons do business: they will make contact with a non-Mormon that has what they need (real estate, sales, etc.), have that person do all the leg work then find a Mormon in the same business and buy from them. Wasting the time, efforts and livelihood of the "Gentile" to benefit the church. How's that for ethical?
  • So great I have to buy again for the iPad!

    My wife bought me this book for fathers day, I barely started reading it yesterday and I can already see that it is the book I have been looking for! I purchased this book again for the iPad not only because it's a great book, but because of it's iBook functionality. For the person who stated the negative comments about Mormons, just because we strive for perfection doesn't mean we are perfect. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I know a lot of members who fall short of what they believe, me being one of them, I also know a lot of nonmembers who fall short in what they believe too. We are all go through struggles & trials in this life, maybe we should try helping each other, like this writer has done for me. Peace be unto you.
  • Hard working

    By iiReview
    I have worked around Mormons my entire life. No different than any other group. Some hard workers. Others not so much. Some serious. Some funny. The point is that they are any other group. Generally I am nervous when a book tries to broadly categorize but this seemed to be done well. Another review posted here makes efforts to belittle, mock, and destroy credibility for Mormons in general. Shame on you. Bigotry is inappropriate in any of it's forms. Thanks for an insightful and interesting read.
  • The truth is...

    By Scenario1
    Having worked in Utah for most of my career, I can tell you the "Mormon" way of doing business comes down to this: 1. Nepotism and discrimination (hiring within the cult) 2. Proselytizing in the workplace (direct or indirect) 3. Infiltrating and controlling government/schools 4. Fleecing their own flock by deception/coercion/guilt 5. Mediocre performance on the job ("family-first" to a fault) 6. Not making waves or questioning authority 7. Believing that a BYU "education" is credible/admirable 8. Establishing theocracy as their cult's ultimate goal 9. Maintaining Utah's stigma as the world's laughing-stock 10. Breeding as many future Republicans as humanly possible