The Day After Roswell - Philip Corso

The Day After Roswell

By Philip Corso

  • Publication Date: 1999-07-15
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 158 Ratings)

Book Overview

A landmark exposé firmly grounded in fact, The Day After Roswell puts a 50 year-old controversy to rest. Since 1947, the mysterious crash of an unidentified aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico, has fueled a firestorm of speculation and controversy with no conclusive evidence of its extraterrestrial origin -- until now.
Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.), a member of President Eisenhower's National Security Council and former head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S. Army's Research & Development department, has come forward to tell the whole explosive story. Backed by documents newly declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Corso reveals for the first time his personal stewardship of alien artifacts from the crash, and discloses the U.S. government's astonishing role in the Roswell incident: what was found, the cover-up, and how these alien artifacts changed the course of 20th century history.

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Users Reviews

  • The Day After Roswell

    By Rocketgirl56
    This was a fascinating read of a story that should not have been classified in the first place. I get sick and tired of the paternalistic behavior of our governmental officials who treat us like children or idiots. I wish Col. Corso and others had spoken out much sooner. I do not recall hearing about this book when it first came out and I think it should have created quite a stir. As a teen-ager in 1956-57, I witnessed a UFO hover silently for a minute or so in the summer sky beyond my open upstairs window in Indianapolis, then disappear in a flash, making no sound whatsoever. I have been a believer ever since and hope that before I die all will be revealed. I feel cheated by our government, but meanwhile I will continue to read books like this one and watch TV shows like Ancient Alien. ETs are out there folks, as are their space ships, so let’s gang-up on our politicians and demand that the “secret” files be open. And while they’re at it, demand that ALL of the un-redacted John F Kennedy assassination files be released too.
  • The Day After Roswell

    By eh1067
    This book was an interesting take on the exponential growth of technology since the end of World War II. The book is intelligently written and laces many facets of history with things that contest our terrestrial perceptions. The book is written as (Rey) Colonel Corso's career progression as an Army intelligence officer attached to and one time director of Army Foreign Intelligence R&D. It reveals to the reader that, through an unprecedented and albeit hard to believe, turn of events led to a recovery of an extraterrestrial flying vehicle. The implications of what that would mean to the human inhabitants of a world caught up in the political stalemate of the Cold War and how a government coverup lead to paradigm shift in our technological capabilities.
  • Horrible vwaste of money

    By VastOzone
    Released in 1999 this drivel is supposed to be an exposé on the Roswell crash but the author admits that he wasn't there and then points to his secret exposure to artifacts supposedly found at the crash site as his evidence of involvement. All of this wondrous evidence was in use prior to 1999 and the author attempts to relate that he had access to these alien technologies in the late '60's - fiber optics, night vision goggles and cpu's. What a load! Can I have my $8.00 back please?
  • Loved it

    By Artygee88
    This book was awesome. If you haven't read it do so you won't regret it.
  • Amazing Account!

    By Earl C Grey
    ...and True. My Mom worked for Hughes Aircraft from 1950-58, she knew Werner Von Braun, and always told me, 'UFOs are realer than you Want to know. There's strange stuff happening under the desert Son...' Bless Her. This book was a puzzle piece that has set my mind at peace. Bless You Colonel Corso. TRUE. Read this. ❤️
  • Should be required reading for US History

    By QuantumAnomaly
    Herein lies not only proof of Extraterrestrial existence and interaction with humankind, but a detailing of the politics behind the U.S. government's policies and decisions from 1947 to present day. It is fascinating from a historical standpoint as well as a scientific standpoint. The electronic device you're using right now to read these words would not have been possible without the discovery of the integrated circuit - which was alien technology! It's all revealed in this book. It's time we stop taking seriously any government, group, or individual who denies the truth about ETs.
  • Pleased

    By Stlewis25
    This book touches on key points in history and people that were in office. If you haven't read this book then it is a must read. I will say that a lot of statements in this book about what has happened in our country are correct. No one is asking you to believe we're just asking you to not be naïve.
  • If this is true...

    By willyboy876
    When full disclosure finally comes and people are seeking real info about it, this book will go up in sales 5000%. I have always been the true skeptic who would love nothing more than to see an honest to god UFO & have access to the real top secret military files on this subject. To me this is just one more really good piece of evidence to stow away in my brain and wait for mor info. It's not 100% believable but it's more due to the ultra fantastic nature of the material than it is the way he goes about his revelations. His style and tone are so "real" at times my skepticism was peeled back and all that remained was a giddy true believer!! Read it and make up your own minds.
  • The Day After Roswell

    By California Judoka
    I've read lots of books, reports and and articles about UFO sightings, extraterrestrials that I have found to vary widely on believability and overall "soundness". There are lots of "questionable" documents and reports, so it makes it very difficult to discern which ones are from credible sources. However, Colonel Phillip Corso has done an outstanding job of documenting his experience regarding the Roswell incident which was based upon his military position that allowed him to have the "inside look" into the details surrounding the crash and what events took place afterwards. I strongly feel that Col. Corso offers a very credible first hand accounting since he was in the right place at the right time. He holds nothing back as he describes the activities of the military to control the situation by limiting exposure to the media, reverse engineering the discovered technology that has led to many modern day products and applications. If you're interested in learning the truth about the crash at Roswell and the events that unfolded afterwards, this is the definitive book to read.