Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday! - Penn Jillette

Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday!

By Penn Jillette

  • Publication Date: 2012-11-13
  • Genre: Humor
4 Score: 4 (From 132 Ratings)

Book Overview

Let's be honest - nobody has more fun than atheists. Don't believe it? Well, consider this: For non-believers, every day you're alive is a day to celebrate! And no one celebrates life to the fullest like Penn Jillette - the larger, louder half of legendary magic duo Penn & Teller - whose spectacularly witty and sharply observant essays in Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday! will entertain zealots and skeptics alike. Whether he's contemplating the possibility of life after death, deconstructing popular Christmas carols, or just calling bullsh*t on Donald Trump's apprentice training, Jillette does not fail to shock and delight his readers. And as ever, underneath these rollicking rants lie a deeply personal philosophy and a generous spirit, which find joy and meaning in family, and peace in the simple beauty of the everyday. Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday! is a hysterical affirmation of life's magic from one of the most distinctly perceptive and provocative humorists writing today.

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Users Reviews

  • Funny and offensive

    By BrockLi
    Entertaining if you like Penn already, but he's definitely not for everybody. I'm somewhere in the middle.
  • I love Penn Jillette

    By EmWP13
    I love Penn Jillette. With this book and "god, No!" He has easily moved into my list of non-traditional celeb crushes; joining the ranks of Bob Saget, Levar Burton, (old) Paul McCartney, Daniel Negraneu and Cliff from 'Finding Bigfoot'. I wish there was another book by him I could buy and begin reading immediately as I miss him like an old friend now! I have laughed, cried and thought deeply along with him and this book. Get it!!!!!!
  • might be better than the last one

    By comedyfan1
    A quick funny read in the total Penn style. At once hysterical and poignant. A nice read for this this time of year.
  • Great read!

    By jrswam
    Penn is back with another great collection of essays. From alternative Thanksgiving celebrations to looking for a solid chocolate bunny, it's obvious that Penn views everyday like we all should...as a holiday!
  • Love it

    By LMF666
    Love it. Buy it. Read it! Simple.
  • Just the sample.

    By thatguyyourmomtoldyouof
    I read the sample last night, and if it's any indication of the length of this book. I won't be purchasing it. While it was funny, it also dragged on. Not like the quips and hilarities of his actual shows, specials, guest apperance, ad nauseum. While I truely love Penn & Teller I may wait for an audio book or just watch hime everywhere else I can. Still giving the sample 3 stars for being funny.
  • # of ratings does not equal # of reviews/ARCS

    By bookarts
    A person can rate a book (or anything else on iTunes) without actually writing a review. So when it says "31 ratings", that doesn't mean you will find 31 reviews to read. It refers only to the star ratings that people have selected. Also, most publishers send out what are called Advance Review Copies (ARCs), so lots of people have actually had a chance to read the book prior to the official release date. That's not to say that some people didn't rate the book without reading it - that certainly seems to be the case with the three reviewers who gave the book one star and whose reviews simply ask where the reviews are. I am not sure it's fair to give a book one star because you can't read any reviews or because some folks had the chance to read the book early. I've read the book, but I'm one of those people who just clicks on a star rating and doesn't usually write a review.
  • it isn't released until tomorrow (or today now)

    By Sam5555
    Not only is it strange that there are 23 reviews for an unreleased book, you can only see one review, which is by another person asking how can an unreleased book already have reviews?