The Experience of God - David Bentley Hart

The Experience of God

By David Bentley Hart

  • Publication Date: 2013-09-24
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Book Overview

Despite the recent ferocious public debate about belief, the concept most central to the discussion—God—frequently remains vaguely and obscurely described. Are those engaged in these arguments even talking about the same thing? In a wide-ranging response to this confusion, esteemed scholar David Bentley Hart pursues a clarification of how the word “God” functions in the world’s great theistic faiths.

Ranging broadly across Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Vedantic and Bhaktic Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, Hart explores how these great intellectual traditions treat humanity’s knowledge of the divine mysteries. Constructing his argument around three principal metaphysical “moments”—being, consciousness, and bliss—the author demonstrates an essential continuity between our fundamental experience of reality and the ultimate reality to which that experience inevitably points.

Thoroughly dismissing such blatant misconceptions as the deists' concept of God, as well as the fundamentalist view of the Bible as an objective historical record, Hart provides a welcome antidote to simplistic manifestoes. In doing so, he plumbs the depths of humanity’s experience of the world as powerful evidence for the reality of God and captures the beauty and poetry of traditional reflection upon the divine.

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Users Reviews

  • Best book written on the philosophy of God!

    By Dsuthomist
    I have been a philosophy professor for over two decades. I have read this book carefully and think it to be the best current book on the philosophy of God. As I read along, I kept on being amazed at Hart's insights and arguments. For anyone looking for an answer to the new atheists, you can do no better than this book. I rarely do reviews, but this book deserves all the attention it can get! By the way, I do not know the author in any way. The book is incredibly well-written and it is hard work, but it is well worth the effort! I would put it at the top of any philosopher’s wish list! You will not be disappointed!